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24 March 2020

COVID-19: Deepening inequalities for the world’s most marginalised children

While governments grapple with COVID-19, children and young people in Mathare, Nairobi explain how the pandemic is making marginalised children even more vulnerable.

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20 March 2020

Guidance for 100 Million Activists on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The 100 Million campaign acknowledges the growing coronavirus public health situation and will be working to ensure we can balance our commitments to fight for justice for every child, while ensuring our staff and activists remain safe during this time.


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04 March 2020

No place for a child: 100 Million joins campaign to demand safety for unaccompanied refugee children on Greek islands

100 Million, with the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions & 63 other human rights, humanitarian and CSOs, calls on EU to urgently relocate unaccompanied refugee children from the Greek islands to safety.

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14 February 2020

Roses are red, violets are blue…did a child make my gift for you?

After decades of disappointment and heartache, it’s time to break up with businesses’ empty promises, and call for EU-wide legislation to end child-labour for good.

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16 January 2020

Resolutions for 2020: inspired by a year of inspiration, connection and action.

With 2020 heralding a new decade - one which the UN intends to be ‘a decade of action’ - we look back on what we achieved and learned in 2019 to create new year's resolutions to build stronger activism and unity, and deliver change for the most marginalised. 

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10 December 2019

Human Rights Day: Child labourers, school pupils, and university students march side by side in Liberia

Young people march to the House of Representatives to demand the right to education for the most marginalised children.

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The 100 Million campaign is a call to action for a world where all young people are free, safe and educated. We support young people to mobilise to end violence against children, eradicate child labour, and ensure education, breaking the cycles of illiteracy, poverty and violence for good.

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No child should be born into, or flee from, danger; no child should be born to work; and no child should be denied their right to education and the opportunity to fulfil their dreams. But 258 million children still do not have access to quality leducation. 152 million children wake up for a day of hard labour, with many in hazardous conditions. 142 million children live in areas with high intensity conflicts they had no part in creating. These are not standalone injustices - they are interlinked. Our solutions to end them should be too.

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The 100 Million campaign brings together young activists to effect change for the world’s most marginalised children. Working with representative youth organisations, teachers’ union, NGOs on every continent, we provide resources and support to inspire young people to form local campaign groups to effect change in their own communities. Campaigns have started in 35 countries, on every continent, and their already starting to see the impact of their work.

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