100 Million believes that long-term change happens when those directly affected by a problem organise and fight together. To achieve justice for marginalised young people, it is vital that young people themselves organise locally in their communities.


PERU Presidential campaignWhat are 100 Million Community Groups?

Worldwide, youth activists are already coming together and forming 100 Million Community Groups. Led by young people who are active in their own communities, colleges, or schools, these community groups take action to demand and defend the rights of the most exploited children to be free, safe and educated.

Community groups meet regularly to hold awareness raising activities, take creative activism and engage with their decision-makers to ensure every child is included in their community. 

A community group can take many forms, from a group of 2 or 3 like-minded friends who live in the same village,  to a formal chapter at a college or school, and it can be started by 100 Million campaigners, or an existing group that wants to take actions in support of the campaign.





What support does a Community Group receive?

Globally, 100 Million amplifies the ‘power of the many’ by providing training, campaigning resources, learning materials; publicises the campaigns and activities of local community groups; and connects them to each other all across the world for moments of solidarity campaigning as well as learning and support. The groups share their successes and challenges, act collaboratively, and contribute to the fight against injustice, community by community.







100M LIBERIA BANNERsmlWhat do Community Groups do?

We know that globally, the world has enough money and enough knowledge to end the extreme exclusion of millions of children. Ending this injustice is a political responsibility, not an act of charity, so our work is always focused on policy change, and not fundraising. This means learning about the injustices that are happening in your community, and in the wider world, and working in your groups to campaign for change. This could be by raising awareness of the issues in your school, college, or community, then asking your local or national decision-makers what they will do to change the situation, then making sure any commitments made by your decision-makers are delivered. By taking collective action together on the rights of the most marginalised children, we are demonstrating the power of young people, the importance of globalised compassion and the urgency of change.




 Register to start your group today and we’ll send your everything you need.

You can download our step-by-step guide to getting started below, if you’d like to find out more beforehand. Once you are registered, we will continue to share materials, trainings and ideas, as well as opportunities to connect and act together with other groups across the world. 

"Being part of this campaign has helped me realize that you only need to start off an initiative that serves humanity and do it passionately. To your surprise the rest of the world will follow. This has inspired me to just dream big and do more!” - Angel Mbuthia, Kenya. 

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