Youth organisations from across Kenya convene under the Justice for Every Child campaign. 


So far, twenty youth-governed organisations have already joined the Justice for Every Child Kenya campaign, aiming to work together to demand that the government makes clear commitments and delivers for Kenya’s most marginalised and vulnerable children and young people. 

The organisations which have signed up to date work across a spectrum of issues to defend the rights of marginalised children: from challenging violence against children, child labour, exploitation and police brutality to championing quality education for all, gender equality and access to public services. 

Working across the different injustices facing young people in Kenya, the youth activists involved in the campaign have all seen firsthand the devastating impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on marginalised communities. Rising levels of police brutality against young people when enforcing lockdowns, increased sexual abuse behind closed doors, failures to protect the education of the poorest young people during school closures, and a lack of transparency and accountability over the distribution of COVID-19 response funds mean division and inequality in our society is growing, and the most marginalised children are paying the highest price.

They have united to demand that Kenya’s leaders take action that prioritises the needs and concerns of the most vulnerable young people and prevent a looming child-rights disaster as a result of COVID-19. 


Justice for Every Child Kenya campaign demands: 


  • Make publicly available child and youth segregated data on how the public funds committed to the COVID-19 response is being spent 
  • Deliver the commitment to quality, public education for every child by investing in our teachers and infrastructure, and eradicating the hidden fees which prevent the poorest children from enjoying their right to education. 
  • Ensure safe houses for young women and girls who are experiencing sexual and gender based violence and bring perpetrators to justice
  • End the use of state sanctioned violence and live bullets on unarmed youth and children from the police and/or army


Alongside the 100 Million campaign, the organisations which have signed up to date are Badili Africa, Usikimye, Billian Music Family’s Leadership and Resource Centre, Y Act, HAKI Africa, G-SETI Africa, Footprints for Change, PAWA 254, Siasa Place, Tribeless Youth, Busia Border Hub, Youth Alive Kenya, Third Hand Initiative, Young Women Leaders Connect, Horn of Africa Youth Network, Youth for Sustainable Development, Dada Power, Vijana Uongozini, VSO Kenya, Free a Girl's World Network, and Tunawiri.

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