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A recent visit to the UK saw Kailash Satyarthi spend time with London students to inspire them to fight for children's rights

160 students from Lambeth Academy in South London welcomed child rights activist and 2014 Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi to their school assembly on Monday morning. Mr Satyarthi is in London en route to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and wanted to make a pitstop to inspire and mobilise young people to join his lifelong fight for the rights of every child.

Mr. Satyarthi was joined by Dr. Rosena Allin-Khan, MP for Tooting, alongside representatives of the 100 Million campaign. Founded by Mr. Satyarthi side by side with young campaigners, 100 Million is a global campaign which aims to mobilise young people all around the world to ensure every child is free, safe, and educated, community by community.

“There is no voice more powerful in the fight for the rights of our children than that of children themselves,” stated Mr. Satyarthi. “I am always energised when I meet dynamic young people, who are so enthusiastic to give their time and their very best efforts to help their peers. I am delighted the students at Lambeth Academy pledged to join the 100 Million campaign today – by doing so, they join millions of young people all around the world who work to ensure the freedom, safety, and right to education of every child in their communities.”

Mr. Satyarthi answered questions from students across a range of injustices committed against children – from child slavery to children forced to flee from wars, extreme poverty, and violence. “How can we allow children to become refugees? Countries are creating borders, building walls, and making wars. Children are not responsible for these walls, for wars.”

Dr. Allin-Khan inspired students to take action and put pressure on MPs – not only at the international level, but also in their own communities.

Think about things from the global perspective, but you can campaign for the things that you find important, right here at home. Stand together, become a collective, become a powerhouse that stands up and effects change.”

The students from the Academy have pledged to form a campaign group – and the 100 Million campaign and Mr. Satyarthi are excited to work with them!


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