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As we commemorate the young lives lost during the 1976 Soweto Uprising, we call on African governments to deliver children's right to justice.

16 June is the Day of The African Child. Designated in 1991, it commemorates the day, 34 years ago, when almost 10,000 black students from Soweto, South Africa, marched the streets to protest the poor quality of their education. This peaceful demonstration was met with brutality from security forces, resulting in the deaths and casualties of many unarmed students. This day was the start of the Soweto Uprising, and more than 100 children and young people were killed, with thousands of others sustaining injuries, over the two-week protest. In 2020 activists are demanding access to a child-friendly justice system in Africa. We stand in solidarity with the millions of African children who are denied justice, & reaffirm our support for youth-led organisations to lead the fight for the rights of children to be delivered, not compromised. We call on governments across Africa to ensure Justice For Every Child by fully implementing the African Children’s Charter Agenda 2063, Children’s Agenda 2040 and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to create a free, safe, and educated continent for every African child.


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