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Students in Germany are having their voices heard loud and clear as the 100 Million campaign launches in Germany.

Young people have been meeting ministers and politicians in the German parliament today as part of the campaign launch. Representatives from across the political spectrum took part in a meeting with students to discuss a potential new law to ban the use of child labour in the supply chains of German companies. While child labour is banned in Germany, youth activists are demanding that German companies scrutinise the labour used in manufacturing or providing their products and services, wherever this might be in the world.

The demands were well-received by politicians, who agreed with the need for a new law to be developed, and appreciated that the demands were coming from young people themselves. This is an exciting result for the youth activists of 100 Million Germany.

It is important that people like you raise their voices. Dr. Gerd Müller, German Development Minister

The 100 Million campaign in Germany is supported by Bread for the World and the German Education Union (GEW), and has been reaching out to schools across the country to inspire young people to get involved in the campaign. Following the success of this initial meeting, the campaign hopes that young people will maintain pressure on decision-makers until the policy becomes law.


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