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160 million children around the world today are engaged in child labour and denied their right to freedom, including more than 1 in 5 children in Africa. We refuse to accept that any child is forced to work instead of learning in school.

As the world becomes richer and richer, one in ten children are experiencing such extreme marginalisation and exclusion that they are forced to work long hours at the expense of their education, their childhood and their future. Denied basic services or protection, they are growing crops, mining minerals and even making toys for other children to enjoy.

The 100 Million campaign is fighting to eliminate child labour by tackling the root causes of this injustice, including demanding an end to discrimination and realising every child's right to social protection.


We are also committed to supporting and amplifying the leadership of  child labour survivor-advocates. Decision-makers at all levels, sectors, countries and communities need to understand the impact of their failure to end child labour and recognise the importance of including child labourers and survivor-advocates themselves in their efforts to do so.


Supported by 100 Million, Siasa Place, ILO Africa and AU’s advisory organ Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC), youth and student-led organisations across eight African countries worked with survivor-advocates and current child labourers to record their testimony and demands ahead of the 5th Global Conference for the Elimination of Child Labour in South Africa. 

Watch and share these powerful films that captured by the Tanzania Coalition Against Child Labour and WoteSawa Domestic Workers Organization, Prime Goals Initiative, SOMERO Uganda, Justice for Every Child Kenya, Youth Coalition for the Consolidation of Democracy, Burundi National Students Union, and Street Beats Foundation. 

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