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Young people have the right to be involved in decisions which affect them – this is central to our purpose and to the way we believe change will happen. 100 Million is committed to supporting a generation of empowered young people to lead change in their communities and the world so all children are free, safe, and educated. 


There are several important youth rights that require action; the 100 Million campaign is focused on the most marginalised and their fight for justice and their share of community services. Other youth rights are important and will be worked on by partner campaigns, but 100 Million is focused on the most excluded young people whose rights are ignored and denied. We are committed to changing the systemic inequalities that exist within our different societies and deliver social justice for every young person.



For every child and young person to enjoy their childhood, they must be able to realise their rights to freedom, safety, and education. It is not enough to stop businesses from using child labour; there must be means to support the poorest families forced to send their children to work in order to eat, there must be free, quality schools they can go to, and they must be protected from violence.


Open partnership is at the heart of our model because we believe that long-term, sustainable solutions are achieved when we unite and work together for change. Activists work together through local campaign groups, supported by national campaigns and international partners, connecting and amplifying our voice and multiplying our impact. The campaign welcomes partnerships with all those who support the campaign’s vision and objectives. We also aim to complement existing efforts – so the work we do adds value to the work of our partners.


 100 Million takes a rights-based approach to its work and its campaign demands, solutions, and activities. It is founded on the right to freedom of speech, assembly and association in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with its work grounded in both the Universal Declaration and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and we want to see the Sustainable Development Goals met and exceeded. We seek to advance international and national laws that promote human rights for children and young people. Where such laws do not exist, are not fully implemented, or are abused, we will highlight these issues and advocate remedial action.


We believe we can strengthen and multiply our impact by learning from each other’s work, challenges, and achievements. We are committed to monitoring and evaluating the impact of our campaigns, and to sharing this knowledge across our network and with the public. We will provide public platforms to celebrate learning and success and to contribute to wider movements for justice.



100 Million does not and shall not discriminate on the bases of race, colour, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation in any of its activities or operations. We value, respect and encourage diversity, and we are committed to be impartial and non-discriminatory in all our work, behaviour, and policies, and to eliminating unlawful discrimination.


We are open, transparent and honest about our mission, policies, structure, finances and activities. We communicate openly with our network and partners about our activities, and information is made publicly available about our work. We have a clear mission, vision, objectives, and organisational structure, and we follow good practice in governance and adhere to all legal obligations made within these principles.


100 Million is a civil society campaigning network, which focuses on supporting young people who want to become active citizens to campaign for policy and legislative change. The extreme marginalisation of over 100 million children is caused by a failure of public policy and lasting change for all requires an end to this community, national and international injustice. We want to maintain this focus, and to encourage every person who engages with the campaign, at local, national, regional, and global levels, to lend their voice to these efforts. On this basis, 100 Million will not seek funds from the members of its activist and supporter networks or through public giving campaigns. Any funds raised will be through working directly with donor organisations which share our vision and principles. We will do so in an ethical manner by ensuring donors are informed about how donations are used and by being transparent about where funds come from.

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