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The barriers to education that children and young people are facing today are not just education barriers – they are health, nutrition, safety, protection, and economic barriers too. These barriers are often also caused by and entrench existing inequalities, poverty, and discrimination. 

We refuse to ignore lessons learned from COVID-19, climate-induced disasters, conflict, and other crises that disrupt education and jeopardise the rights and lives of millions.


Ahead of the  United Nations Transforming Education Summit in 2022, a powerful global call to action demanding whole-child support during emergencies and crises was developed by key education stakeholders including the 100 Million campaign, Global Students Forum, Global Campaign for Education and World Vision to push governments and other decision-making bodies to take action.

The 100 Million campaign organised three global youth consultations to capture the insight, expertise and experiences of a diverse group of youth-led organisations, refugee activists and student unions around the world in this important advocacy document.

Endorsed by over 90 organisations, from INGOs, to global unions such as Education International and the Global Student Forum, with a majority of signatories youth- or student- led organisations, it is a powerful statement of our collective concern and demands.

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