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Watch the video to find out more about David, a 9 year-old boy from Kenya forced into child labour during the global pandemic. He is just one of the 16 million more 5-11 year-olds who were forced out of school and into work to survive since 2016.

Child labour is not accidental or inevitable but a ​result of decades of discrimination and exclusion against the world's most vulnerable communities. From geographical, gender and budgetary discrimination perpetrated by national governments, to a global economy reliant on an imbalance of power that favours the richest. 

While global wealth has increased by over $40 trillion in the last 20 years, millions and millions of families remain trapped in generational cycles of extreme poverty, forced to send their children to work to survive. 

This devastating inequality, created by wealthy countries and ultra-rich individuals, has had a disastrous impact on children from the poorest families, because regardless of how poverty is estimated, children always bear the brunt of this injustice.


Youth activists are showing their anger in the new 100 Million report, End Discrimination, End Child Labour.


Why is it that wealthy countries can eliminate child labour but they can't realise the right to freedom for every child in the rest of the world? We know that child labour ends when every child has access to safety nets like universal child income, education, and health care. And the world can afford it: in just four years, over 16 million more 5-11 year-olds entered child labour, but at the same time, global wealth increased by $10 trillion.


This is a deep injustice perpetuated by multiple levels of discrimination, for generations.


We want to end this: find out how and download the report.

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