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Ending the exclusion of the world's most marginalised children has to involve local communities and national governments working with young people themselves.

Three different youth activist groups from Africa and Latin America have been leading the way and running events and meetings with communities, local leaders, and national decision-makers across a range of different issues related to the rights of children.


A 100 Million university group in Monrovia (pictured above) raised awareness about preventing substance abuse in their community. Their message was to support, not punish, those caught in the violence of drug-based conflict and asked community members to “learn to say no to child violence”.


100 Million activists held community discussions on the causes of child labour, and how they could work together to end this injustice locally. As lead organiser Julius explains, to create sustainable change, "let us first conduct community dialogue".


The 100 Million Youth Committee in Peru led a social media campaign to promote every child's right to play, and be safe. They highlighted that over 1.5 million Peruvian children are working instead of playing, and how this violates the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Join their online conversation here.

Peru also hosted its first national youth activist meeting at the start of June, with young people coming from across the country and region to meet decision-makers from the public sector and civil society, and to work together on the national campaign. The meeting saw the International Labour Office for the Andean countries and the Peruvian Ministry of Labour give their support to the campaign.

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