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Watch the video to see youth activists all over the world put up their umbrellas to call for social protection for every child.

Social protection is like an umbrella in the rain or heat: an umbrella offers shelter against the worst effects of the weather, and social protection shelters you from the worst of circumstances.


Social protection should be available to everyone, but particularly the most vulnerable, marginalised or socially excluded communities. When families do not have any support for their basic needs like food and healthcare, and when incomes are too low to provide for everyone, children can be forced into child labour. Social protection is a vital lifeline for families to stop this injustice.

So why, when there is enough money in the world to create a new billionaire every 17 hours during a global pandemic, are 74% of children still not covered by any form of social protection? 


Social protection is a combination of policies and programmes that aim to reduce and prevent poverty and exclusion. This can come in the form of cash transfers (like child benefits and grants), in-kind benefits (like school feeding programmes), and access to public services (like healthcare insurance) – it might also be called social security, family credit, social benefits, or welfare, depending on your country.


Being covered by social protection means that no matter what circumstances you are born into, or if something happens to increase your or your family’s vulnerability, you have a foundation of government support which enables you to survive

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As part of the Fair Share to End Child Labour campaign, we produced an action pack for anyone anywhere in the world to demand social protection to end child labour. You can:

  • Chalk a picture of an umbrella and write your demands for social protection in the picture

  • Take a picture of yourself holding an umbrella and your message demanding social protection

  • Share your pictures on social media!

Download the action pack now for more information on how to get involved!​

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