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Student unions and youth-led organisations have announced a major new mobilisation. Campaigners from across Africa and the world will unite to protest the injustices young people in Africa have faced in recent years.

Justice for Africa’s Children: Don’t Cut Our Future will take place on the 20th February, 2023.

From the extreme inequality in COVID-19 support to increasing tax injustice, the discriminatory allocation of Special Drawing Rights, the growing debt crisis, and broken promises on climate and development finance - African countries have lost out on trillions of dollars since 2015. Global wealth has grown by over $11 trillion in the last seven years, yet wealth per person has fallen in Africa.

Combined with the low priority for education and poor governance in too many countries, these injustices exclude millions of children and young people. More African girls and boys are out of school now than ten years ago. Over 10,000 children are forced into child labour every day.

The extreme and growing inequality between countries and young people has caused this crisis. Government budgets can be one hundred times higher in richer countries. The education budget in Australia alone is larger than that of all 48 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Where is the justice?

Don’t Cut Our Future! is the demand from young Africans inside and outside education. The All-Africa Students Union, the Global Students Forum and 100 Million will support this mobilisation and share campaign materials in the coming weeks.

To receive regular updates and to register for the mobilisation, please sign up here:


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